It’s has been a really full day of Chrome. The theme for day 1 is focusing on the term:

Progressive Web App

Opening - Darin Fisher

The day starts off with VP of Chrome Darin Fisher giving us an update on the Web on mobile. One of the key point he mentioned in his introduction is that the number of mobile user on the web has increased double from last year from 400 million to 800 million. Fisher believed the success of the web over the app was because of the low fiction on the web on mobile. The user does not need to install any app, they just need to go to the site by opening up the browser. Fisher also mentioned that the Reliability, Performance, and the Engagement on the web will continue to make the web development more and more important. Fisher and the rest of the day, the presenters kept reminding us that this is not just for Chrome, it’s for Opera, Firefox, and Edge. Google Chrome team is just leading the effort to improve the web platform.

Developing for Billions - Tal Oppenheimer

A reminder that millions are currently using the Internet and there are millions that are in the developing country still have not go on line yet. The developers are living in a high speed Internet places, but there are still many rely on a 2G Internet connection. It’s a good reminder that not everyone lives in the same reliable network.

Progressive Web Apps - Alex Russell

Too many good stuff to cover, it’s better if you can just watch the video. Some take away from this talk is to build a mobile web app that works offline.

Deploying HTTPS: The Green Lock and Beyond - Emily Stark

Everything got to be HTTPS, by default.

Instant Loading with Service Workers - Jeff Posnick

Introducing sw-toolbox and sw-precahe.

Increase Engagement with Web Push Notifications - Owen Campbell-Moore

Increase user engagement and use web push notification with great responsibility.

Engaging with the Real World: Web Bluetooth and Physical Web - Scott Jenson & Vincent Scheib

This talk is sort of like IoT, but with awesomeness. No app download, just your browser.

Asking for Permission: respectful, opinionated UI - Elisabeth Morant

  1. Provide clear value.
  2. Asks at the right time.
  3. Only ask what you need.
  4. Give user control.
  5. Handle failure gracefully.

Polymer sessions

Overall theme, Polymer is here, use it because it’s awesome.

Accessibility - Alice Boxhall & Laura Palmaro

This section hits hard on me. It’s a reminder that sometimes I am taking things for granted and not think about accessibility when developing web application. It’s important to remember that I also need to write my application with care and detail.

The accessibility function are already built in the browser, just need to use them properly. A very good reminder talk.