I am happy using Laravel to develop application and I am even more happy when I can deploy Laravel application on AWS Elastic BeanStalk. After initial setup, deploying a Laravel application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk is just eb deploy from the terminal away.

I was converting another application to ELB one day and the application needs to run a schedule job. Laravel already has a very good way to run schedule job, but it needs to edit your cron entry. One way to do this is to add a yaml configuration into the ELB configuration, however, one needs to be caution about this. It is because if you are running a load balancer and when you have heavy traffic, ELB might spin up multiple instances. With multiple instances running, you might have each instance running a cron job.

The other solution is to use ELB worker which runs single instance. The following is my configuration.

In Laravel


Add a command that runs your job.


Schedule your job with the frequency you need.


Add a post route call /schedule and call Artisan::call('schedule:run')


Add a cron.yaml file at the application root with the url pointing to /schedule and the schedule as * * * * *.


Software Configuration

The same way you do on your Laravel application as a web server.

If everything goes right, your Laravel schedule job on AWS ELB worker should be running the same way you add a cron job into a Linux server.