Sublime Text is my favorite editor. Unless something else reaches the level of great that Sublime Text offers, I am sticking with Sublime Text.

The modularity of Sublime Text and the community around it is what makes it great. My favorite theme is Material Theme and one of my favorite plug in after the most obvious one is SublimeLinter.

However, these two favorites took away something that makes Sublime Text great.

Simple Interface.

Both Material Theme and SublimeLinter adds new text on the right click menu. It might be useful for some, but I don’t find them needed to be on the right click menu.

One way to disable unwanted items from the right click menu is to remove the Context.sublime-menu in the package. However, if you like most people, you install the theme and plug in through Package Control. Package Control packs the themes and plug in into a zip package. Therefore, it’s difficult to just remove the Context.sublime-menu from the package.

The other way to do it is in the default user package directory, create a folder with the same name of the package. Add an empty Content.sublime-menu file into the folder and now the right click menu is back to same as previously.